GasNaturally statement on the reform of the EU gas market

GasNaturally represents the European gas value chain. Our mission is to enable the EU’s decarbonisation in the coming decades – both in hard-to-abate sectors, such as heating, that cannot be fully electrified for technical or economic reasons, as well as sectors where a mix of solutions will be required to fulfil demand up to and beyond 2050.

Gas can create immediate carbon reductions and is the catalyst for enhanced renewable energy capacity. We work to decarbonise our sector and call for binding 2030 EU targets to reduce the GHG intensity of gas by at least 20% compared to 2018 levels and increase demand for renewable gases of at least 11% in terms of energy content of gas consumed.

The review of the EU gas market framework in December 2021 presents a clear opportunity to confirm the role of molecules in the EU energy transition by developing a framework to accelerate the development of renewable and low carbon gases, both in gaseous and liquid form.