Tackling methane emissions

Reaching climate neutrality requires continued work to reduce methane emissions. Based on available data, the gas industry accounts for around 5% of the overall EU methane emissions (approximately 0.6 % of the total EU GHG emissions), originating from fugitive emissions, venting and incomplete combustion. The EU gas industry is committed to reduce methane emissions along the entire gas value chain, thereby contributing to short-term mitigation of climate change, for instance through mandatory and voluntary programs, such as The Methane Guiding Principles.

 Between 1990 and 2017, industry initiatives have already led to a 56% reduction in fugitive methane emissions from natural gas activities. One effective way to do this is through leak detection and repair (LDAR) programmes. LDAR programmes ensure, through a constantly evolving array of technologies such as drone detection, a safe and reliable grid. To address remaining challenges, GasNaturally Members GIE and Marcogaz compiled an Action Plan consisting of over 50 concrete actions that are currently ongoing.

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