Our Members

GasNaturally is a partnership of eight associations that together represent the whole European gas value chain – our members are involved in gas exploration and production, transmission, distribution, wholesale and retail operations, as well as gas in transport.


Eurogas is an association representing the European gas wholesale, retail and distribution sectors towards the EU institutions. Founded in 1990, Eurogas currently comprises 44 companies and associations from 22 countries. Eurogas aims to strengthen the role of gas in the energy mix through ongoing dialogue with European industry players, global gas producers, and relevant institutions and organisations.

European Gas Research Group (GERG)

GERG represents 24 members from 10 countries across Europe. GERG, along with its member organisations work with the European energy community to develop innovative solutions which place gas infrastructure at the heart of the energy system. GERG encourages and supports the development of high quality R&D projects and assists in the development of a sound framework for European gas research

Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE)

GIE currently represents 70 member companies from 25 countries. GIE represents the interests of natural gas infrastructure operators active in natural gas transmission, storage and LNG regasification. Its internal structure has three columns corresponding to the types of infrastructure activities represented, i.e. GTE (Gas Transmission Europe), GSE (Gas Storage Europe) and GLE (Gas LNG Europe).

International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (IOGP)

The International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP) currently has around 80 members globally, of which over 30 members are in Europe. IOGP represents most of the world’s leading publicly traded, private and state-owned oil and gas companies, industry associations and major upstream service companies. IOGP Members produce 40% of the world’s oil and gas, and 90% of Europe’s indigenous supplies. IOGP’s mission is to provide a forum for sharing experiences, debating emerging issues and establishing common ground to promote cooperation, consistency and effectiveness in every aspect of health, safety, the environment, security, social responsibility, engineering, efficiency and operations.

International Gas Union (IGU)

The International Gas Union (IGU) was founded in 1931. It is a worldwide non-profit organisation registered in Vevey, Switzerland with the Secretariat currently located in Barcelona, Spain. The mission of IGU is to advocate gas as an integral part of a sustainable global energy system, and to promote the political, technical and economic progress of the gas industry. The more than 160 members of IGU are associations and corporations of the gas industry representing over 95% of the global gas market. The working organisation of IGU covers the complete value of gas chain from exploration and production, transmission via pipelines and liquefied natural gas (LNG) as well as distribution and combustion of gas at the point of use. IGU encourages international trade in gas by supporting non-discriminatory policies and sound contracting principles and practices, promoting development of technologies which add to the environmental benefits of gas and further enhance safe production, transmission, distribution and utilisation of gas. IGU has the vision of being the most influential, effective and independent non-profit organisation, serving as the spokesperson for the gas industry worldwide.

Liquid Gas Europe

Liquid Gas Europe, the European LPG Association, is composed of national LPG associations; the main European LPG distributors, and equipment manufacturers. With the support of its working groups of industry experts, Liquid Gas Europe is actively involved in concrete initiatives and programs to ensure the sustainable, safe and efficient development of LPG in Europe.


Founded in 1968 Marcogaz represents 24 member organisations from 20 countries. Its mission encompasses monitoring and policy advisory activities related to the European technical regulation, standardisation and certification with respect to safety and integrity of gas systems and equipment, rational use of energy as well as environment, health and safety issues.

NGVA Europe

The Natural & bio Gas Vehicle Association (NGVA Europe) promotes the use of natural and renewable gas as a transport fuel. Founded in 2008, its 133 members from 31 countries include companies and national associations from across the entire gas and vehicle manufacturing chain. It protects their interests in front of the European decision-makers in order to create accurate standards, fair regulations and equal market conditions. The association relies on active networks of its members to develop studies and roadmaps supporting advocacy amongst institutional and industry stakeholders.