GasNaturally’s response to the ‘Renovation Wave’ public consultation

GasNaturally provided its input to the European Commission's public consultation on the 'Renovation Wave', a key initiative of the European Green Deal expected in September.

GasNaturally members believe there is no single solution for the decarbonisation of heat suggesting policy-makers to support the most cost-effective and innovative solutions. How we heat (and cool) our homes is an essential source of wellbeing in society and matters to all 450 million EU citizens. Therefore, involving all EU citizens as agents of transformational change to achieve the 2050 climate objectives is vital. The best solution will be serving the aim of decarbonisation in the most cost-effective way while meeting the needs of citizens and involving industry across the different EU regions. EU Member States face different challenges in reducing emissions from heating, and it is therefore important to offer a wide range of realistic, affordable heating alternatives in diverse environments. A technology neutral approach is therefore crucial to engender the best solutions according to specific circumstances.

GasNaturally recommendations for a successful 'Renovation Wave' are included in our responses to the initiative's Roadmap (link) and public consultation (attached).

GasNaturally is a partnership of eight associations (Eurogas, Natural & bio Gas Vehicle Association (NGVA Europe), European Gas Research Group (GERG), International Gas Union (IGU), International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (IOGP), Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE), Liquid Gas Europe (LGE)  and Marcogaz) that together represent the whole European gas value chain. Our members are involved in gas exploration and production, transmission, distribution, wholesale and retail operations, as well as gas in transport.