GasNaturally recommendations on the EU methane regulation

GasNaturally reiterates its commitment to tackle methane emissions and our support to the establishment and the implementation of EU Regulation in this field. We believe that such regulation will help strengthen our actions, while inspiring other regions and countries as part of global efforts to tackle methane emissions. To make this a success, we emphasise that the forthcoming regulation should adhere to three key principles:

1. Proportionality: It is crucial that the regulation strikes a balance by avoiding overly prescriptive requirements that lack a positive net-environmental impact. We must ensure that any regulatory measures do not impose an undue economic burden on companies, consumers, and Member States.

2. Efficiency: The regulatory framework should be meticulously crafted, taking into account the cost-benefit analysis of its provisions. It is essential that these provisions align seamlessly with other pertinent political priorities and policy objectives within the energy sector.

3. Implementability: We acknowledge the unique characteristics of the sector and the limitations of current technologies and methods. Therefore, the regulation must consider the sector's specificities, the availability and feasibility of technological solutions, and the expert guidance of academia and competent authorities regarding methane leak detection and measurement.

In line with these principles and in view of the trilogues, we, as representatives of the natural gas industry across the entire value chain, have developed a set of recommendations that align with these principles.