GasNaturally Factsheet on Gaseous Solutions for Residential Heating

Renewable and low-carbon gases provide cost-e­fficient and reliable heating solutions in many building areas where electric heat pumps are not fit-for-purpose and technically ineffi­cient.

To transition towards climate-neutral residential heating in Europe by 2050, we recommend a robust policy framework that:

  • Accelerates and supports the replacement of ineffi­cient heating equipment, installed in existing EU buildings.
  • Enables and favours the rollout of low-carbon and renewable gases such as biomethane, synthetic methane, hydrogen and bioLPG in the heating sector.
  • Makes good use of the synergies between energy vectors to optimise systems and cost efficiency.
  • Enables and promotes the digitalisation of heating systems.
  • Incentivises building insulation and takes a comprehensive approach and focus on the cost-effective modernisation of heating and cooling systems.