GasNaturally Factsheet on Decarbonisation of Heavy-Duty Transport

The gas industry will contribute proactively to the implementation of the European Green Deal by delivering tangible solutions to the decarbonising of heavy-duty transport. To execute on this vision effectively, we recommend a policy framework that:

  • Incentivises investments in innovative technologies and infrastructure, with a focus on digital operations;
  • Adopts a goal-based, technology-neutral approach which guarantees a level playing field;
  • Establishes a methodology to quantify carbon emissions reduction accomplishments on a lifecycle basis, from well to wheels and well to wake;
  • Enhances investment in BioLNG and e-LNG production to ameliorate performance of the transport sector;
  • Enables the transition towards climate-neutral heavy-duty transport by providing incentives for increased supply and demand.

To discover more about our contribution to the decarbonisation of heavy-duty transport, please consult our factsheet.