Test your energy knowledge – Gas Week Energy Quiz

Are you the brightest bulb on the Brussels tree? Let’s see how much you really know about energy and energy policy:

 1. What is the biggest source of renewable energy in the EU?

A. Wind
B. Solar
C. Biomass

 2. How much of the EU’s energy consumption is used for heating and cooling?

A. Ca 10 %
B. Ca 30 %
C. Ca 50%

 3. To how many countries is Germany connected to by gas pipeline?

A. 7 countries
B. 9 countries
C. 11 countries

 4. Which is the biggest component of most natural gas?

A. Ethane (C2H6)
B. Propane (C3H8)
C. Methane (CH4)

 5. What was the share of natural gas in EU’s gross inland energy consumption in 2013?

A. Ca 23%
B. Ca 33%
C. Ca 43%

 6. How many houses can a single LNG ship supply for a full year?

A.    400
B.    4,000
C.    40,000

 7. How much power does a high-pressure pipeline typically transport?

A.    10 GW
B.    1 GW
C.    100 MW

8. What is the typical diameter of a high-pressure pipeline?

A.    20 cm
B.    1,2 m
C.    4 m

9. At what temperature is natural gas liquefied?

A. -162°C
B. -92°C
C. 0°C



1. C

Source: Eurostat, “Renewable energy statistics”, http://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/statistics-explained/index.php/Renewable_energy_statistics

2. C

Source: European Commission, Heating and Cooling Roadmap, http://ec.europa.eu/smart-regulation/roadmaps/docs/2015_ener_026_heating_cooling_strategy_en.pdf

3. C

Source: Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Denmark + Russia and Norway

4. C

5. A

Source: Eurostat, “Consumption of energy”, http://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/statistics-explained/index.php/Consumption_of_energy

6. C

Source: Ship of 120 000 m³LNG = 72 Mm³ (gas) = 40000 houses @ 1800 m³(gas)/year

7. A

8. B

9. A