Telling the natural gas story

Dear reader,

It is my pleasure to introduce you to GasNaturally’s new blog series. Throughout the year, I will provide some food for thought about the European Union, its energy policy and, of course, the role that we think natural gas can and should play – now and in the future.

We want GasNaturally to be a driving force in helping the EU face its many energy and climate challenges. We are ready to offer a pragmatic and effective hand.

GasNaturally was established in 2011. Today, via its six member associations, it represents the entire gas value chain in Europe, enabling the industry to speak with one strong voice. GasNaturally is the reference point for facts, figures and information on all parts of that chain.  And we’re based in Brussels, right in the heart of Europe, and a centre for political and economic decision-making.  If you’re not there, you’re not heard. And we have a story to tell.

The climate is changing; the energy landscape must change as well. In December this year, world leaders will come together at COP21 in Paris to find ways to ensure that global warming does not rise above 2°C. Everyone has a role to play, and our industry is committed to playing its part.

We firmly believe that natural gas really can ‘make a clean future real’. Its versatile, transportable and flexible nature makes it a reliable partner to variable renewables in power generation and gives it a central role in tomorrow’s energy system.

Our story is about our product, the people who use it, and those who are behind it. It’s about the producer, the transporter, the installer, the consumer. It’s about the people in labs working on new gas technologies for more efficient homes. It’s about those taking care of gas pipes to make sure we’re warm inside when it’s cold outside. The EU’s climate and energy policies concern everybody and there is an important role for the gas industry to play. That’s why we want to make sure decision-makers see the full picture.

Over 250 million Europeans enjoy a stable energy supply to warm their homes, use electricity produced from it, and increasingly fuel their cars with it. Natural gas is everywhere, for a reason. It’s lower carbon and affordable. It’s easy to move, store, and the infrastructure is already in place. The gas market is much more liquid, competitive and increasingly international with 70% of all proven global reserves being within economic reach to Europe.

For all these reasons, we are proud of it, and we do our best to tell others about it.

As GasNaturally’s elected Chairman, I work alongside our Vice-Chairmen Thierry Deschuyteneer (GIE) and Kyriakos Gialoglou (Eurogas) to tell the story of gas in Europe to policymakers. One way we can share our story is through the launching of this blog – we hope you’ll join us in learning more about natural gas and the central role it plays in Europe’s energy present and future.


François-Régis Mouton
GasNaturally Chairman