Press Release: Gas Makes a Clean Future Real for Europe

Launch of the ‘GasNaturally’ initiative to demonstrate the importance of gas in the Energy Roadmap 2050.

GasNaturally, a new initiative and website launched today, will highlight the many benefits of gas in the context of the European Commission’s forthcoming Energy Roadmap 2050. Gas is the cleanest hydrocarbon fuel; it is also an abundant, secure and reliable energy source, making it an attractive, stand-alone energy source as well as the ideal partner for renewables. Gas is flexible, available and can be stored and transported easily in large quantities. Innovative gas technologies and products are being developed today to increase energy efficiency and to provide new solutions that will help Europe achieve its low-carbon economy objectives. GasNaturally is responding to the Commission’s call for an inclusive debate on competitive solutions to ensure security of energy supplies while achieving the targeted CO2 reductions.

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