LNG in Shipping – Working Breakfast in the European Parliament

On 9 October GasNaturally organised a working breakfast on LNG in shipping in the European Parliament.  

The event was co-hosted by Zdzislaw Krasnodebski, the Vice President of the European Parliament and coordinator in ITRE Committee for the ECR group, and Massimiliano Salini, member of ITRE Committee for the EPP group.

The panel discussion with experts from the industry, academia, and the EU institutions was moderated by François-Régis Mouton, IOGP Europe Director and the Chair of GasNaturally’s Steering Committee.

The event gathered over 80 participants and the speakers’ presentations were followed by a lively Q&As session.

Key takeaways from the event:

  • LNG far outperforms conventional marine fuelling solutions on a local emissions basis;
  • LNG is much less volatile than oil, and the numbers of LNG-fuelled ships are growing strongly; 
  • Small-scale LNG enables the replacement of high-emission fossil fuels in transportation, heating and cooling, industry, decentralised power generation decentralized and other off-grid destinations;
  • If methane emissions are constrained, a combination of LNG and other efficiency measures, together with bio-LNG will support the delivery of decarbonisation targets by 2050 set by the International Maritime Organisation.

Check the presentations from our speakers to learn more:

Tomasz Stepien, GazSystem - Small Scale LNG in Europe

Paul Balcombe, Imperial College London - Environmental Impacts of LNG as a Shipping Fuel

Steve Esau, SEA/LNG - The Future Fit Solution for the Maritime Sector