GasPractically: Site visit in Zeebrugge for EU policymakers

On 15 November 2013 GasNaturally invited representatives of the European Commission, European Parliament and Member States to the Zeebrugge LNG terminal. After a presentation on LNG, the role of Zeebrugge for European gas supply and the technical specificities of an LNG terminal, participants went on a tour of the facilities. It was an opportunity to see the jetty of the terminal, where no less than 1,300 ships unloaded since the beginning of operations in 1987.

Some key facts about the LNG terminal:

  • LNG is cooled down to -162°C
  • It takes 12 hours for a ship to unload at the jetty
  • 4 large storage tanks are available before LNG is regasified and sent to transmission pipelines

For some pictures of the visit, click here.