GasNaturally joins industry associations in urging the EU to deliver a flexible and dynamic electricity market

GasNaturally joined other industry associations in writing to EU policy makers this week, highlighting the crucial elements that should define the future EU electricity market.

Gas will have a major role to play in a modern, dynamic market, both as a lower-carbon fuel and as the essential provider of the flexibility needed to integrate renewable sources in the energy mix.

The new design of the power market will be one of the most important energy policy debates in 2016, with the European Commission expected to put forward a proposal later in the year. The market is currently facing many challenges, including depressed prices due to overcapacity, a trend toward re-nationalisation of energy policies, and an outdated set of market rules.

The signatories of the joint declaration offer solutions for energy market reform. The group, which represents a range of stakeholders across the sector, contends that market design reform should include key elements such as adequate tools to provide price signals, ensuring a balanced approach for supply and demand sources, and implementing a level playing field for flexibility providers.

You can read the full statement here.