GasNaturally at COP21

GasNaturally is committed to making a clean future real. With this in mind, we are present in
La Galerie at COP21 to showcase how natural gas has a role to play in the future energy transition.

GasNaturally – 2030 Infographic
    GasNaturally – Air Quality Infographic

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GIE – LNG Infrastructure Map
    GIE – Small Scale LNG Infrastructure Map
    GIE – Gas System Development Map
    GIE – Gas Storage Map

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Eurogas – Statistical Report 2014
    Eurogas – Video : Smart Gas, Smart Future
    Eurogas – Gas, the Right Choice for Heating, part 1
    Eurogas – Gas, the Right Choice for Heating, part 2
    Eurogas – Long-Term Outlook for Gas

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IOGP – Notes on COP21
    IOGP – CCS Presentation
IOGP – CCS Factsheet
    IOGP – CCS Animation
    IOGP – NERA Report on Energy Taxation and Subsidies in Europe

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    IGU – Biogas: from Reuse to Energy
    IGU – Natural Gas: a Partner for Renewables

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