Gas industry Declaration on the EU strategy to reduce methane emissions

Brussels, 14 October 2020

GasNaturally is a co-signatory of the Gas industry Declaration on the EU strategy to reduce methane emissions.

We, the signatories, welcome the Communication from the Commission on the EU Strategy to reduce methane emissions as we agree with the need to accelerate methane emissions reductions. We support
the EU’s climate-neutrality objective by 2050 upon the implementation of enabling measures. The energy transition will require substantial investments and behavioural changes, and our industry is ready to actively contribute to these.

We welcome the Methane Strategy’s holistic approach, covering not only the energy sector, but also agriculture and waste with the aim to have an inclusive approach towards methane and to better exploit the synergies between sectors (e.g. injection of biomethane – produced from manure and waste - into the European gas grids) thereby helping to avoid emissions in other sectors.

The gas industry has successfully been working for many years to reduce methane emissions through mandatory and voluntary programmes, and remains strongly committed to undertake even stronger steps to further minimise methane emissions along the entire gas value chain.

To read the full text of the Declaration including proposed principles and elements to achieve effective methane emissions reductions, please check the attachment.