Debate hosted by MEP Adina-Ioana Valean finds gas is key to delivering effective & affordable Clean Energy Package

A dinner debate on the Clean Energy Package, hosted last night in the European Parliament by MEP Adina-Ioana Valean, Chairwoman of the ENVI Committee, found that gas is a flexible and an affordable fuel which can reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality in all energy sectors.

In her remarks, MEP Valean emphasised that gas can contribute to achieving the energy transition. “Natural gas, which is still largely produced in Europe, can help in achieving the objectives of the Clean Energy Package in a cost-effective way and reduce emissions in heating, power generation and transport,” said Ms V?lean.

The newly appointed GasNaturally President, Marco Alverà, who is also the CEO of the Italian gas TSO Snam, added: “The gas industry sees the Clean Energy Package as a key step forward in putting consumers back at the heart of energy policies and reinforcing energy market principles.”

Mr Alverà further stressed that the most cost-effective way to achieve the EU’s climate and energy goals is to combine gas and renewable electricity. “Ensuring access to both clean and affordable energy is clearly a priority for Europe and for our industry. As the EU prepares to tackle this issue, it will be crucial to keep in mind that gas is three times cheaper than electricity,[1]” said Mr Alverà.

He added that domestic gas production, the existing gas infrastructure, including storage and LNG, help to create a liquid market and provide the flexibility needed to integrate an increasing share of variable renewables into the EU energy mix. “What is more, gas can also be renewable, efficiently transported and stored in the existing infrastructure, thus facilitating Europe’s energy transition,” – concluded GasNaturally President.

Together with Marco Alverà, GasNaturally and its members will continue dialogue with EU policymakers and stakeholders on the secure and resilient energy system for EU consumers.

[1] Report ‘Energy prices and costs in Europe’, European Commission, COM (2016) 769 final.