Brussels, 14 July 2021. GasNaturally welcomes the adoption of the Fit for 55 legislative package aimed at achieving the EU’s 55% GHG reduction target by 2030.  There are multiple pathways, technologies and outcomes that can help the EU to decarbonize, including natural renewable and low carbon gas in combination with carbon capture utilisation and storage.

“The gas industry has the will and the technology to contribute to protecting our climate, driving decarbonisation, and delivering the step change needed to reduce emissions in line with the 1.5C target. Through continuous innovation and development in the gas value chain the industry is committed to helping countries reach net zero” says Dawn Summers, president of GasNaturally. “The energy transition needs a second, reliable and clean pillar. Gas can fill this role reliably and flexibly and get the energy transition back on track – in the form of natural gas today, and as hydrogen in the future. One example for today: a coal to gas switch in power would achieve a 45% CO2 emissions reduction target alone. This immediate opportunity does not appear to be fully considered by the package.”

GasNaturally believes that each of the proposals that make up the package will have to be discussed and assessed also in relation to their costs and socio-economic impact. Special attention should be paid to the complementary measures that would enable deep and quick GHG reductions according to the higher targets.

GasNaturally is committed to work with EU policy makers, regional and social partners to make the Fit for 55 package recognizing that gas is the catalyst and foundation for enhanced renewable energy capacity, providing the baseload and flexibility necessary for intermittent renewable power-generation.

“While other decarbonisation solutions are being developed and scaled up, gases are the affordable solution already on the market today. Gaseous solutions are affordable for all type of households (on- and off-grid) and ensure that no one is left behind in the energy transition. No one should be living in energy poverty”, concludes François-Régis Mouton, Chair of GasNaturally Steering Committee.

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