EEF Dinner Debate – Gas and Renewables: the right combination for a sustainable future?

As part of GasWeek 2016, an EEF Dinner Debate will be held in Strasbourg focused on the topic of gas and renewables.

Is combining the use of natural gas with the growing deployment of renewable energy the way forward?

Will it help limit emissions and secure energy supply – all at an affordable cost for consumers?

Offshore platforms can serve as hosting transformers for wind farms and transmission networks are capable of transporting renewable gas. At the same time, when it comes to power production, gas-fired plants can start up and shut down quickly while producing fewer emissions than competitors. How should the EU turn to this potential as it shapes a policy that will determine the Europe’s energy future and EU’s lead position in combatting climate change?

The dinner-debate will bring together EEF Members from the whole European gas value chain: from exploration to consumer issues, aiming to explore sustainable solutions combining gas and renewables.

This comprehensive approach will provide a unique forum for a thorough discussion. We warmly invite our members to be part of it.

Main speakers: 

  • Jo Peters, IOGP EU Board Member
  • Torben Brabo, GIE Board Member 
  • François-Xavier Dugripon, EUROGAS Member
  • Remarks by François-Régis Mouton, GasNaturally Chairman
  • Intervention by the European Commission

More information can be found on the EEF website.