A Turning Point for the European Gas Markets

19 May 2015 (Brussels, Belgium)

In the current context of oil prices drop, new trends are emerging on the global LNG market, both in terms of demand and supply. These dynamics have an impact on Europe, which is also entering a new era in terms of relations with Russia and has to cope with a weak demand. In its recent Communication on the Energy Union, the European Commission announced the elaboration of a comprehensive LNG strategy. This debate aims to understand the EU position on the global LNG markets. How can LNG fully play a back-up role in crisis situations? Can it be spread across Europe? More generally, what role can natural gas play in the European energy policy given the current context?

GasNaturally Chairman François-Régis Mouton will be speak, giving the opinion of the European gas industry, as well asa analysts from the IEA and IFRI

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