TÜV NORD-Symposium: Power to Gas - the key to storing energy?

27 November 2013 (Brussels, Belgium)

Storing energy is both a technical and economic challenge which has been occupying scientists and engineers for many decades. The longterm storage of electricity is particularly important for the energy system, but has high technical requirements. The only field-tested and well-proven method is pumped storage. Other techniques such as batteries or compressed air energy storage aren’t yet available for industry-wide commercial use.

This is where power to gas comes into play as an innovative alternative. Power to gas is a technology which converts electrical power to gas. For example, excess power generated by wind generators or solar arrays. While it still needs to be shown if this approach can be realised technically and economically, it may be a viable option for the long-term storage of fluctuating renewable energy. The necessary storage infrastructure is already in place: the natural gas grid and its associated gas holders.
The event will focus on the progress and challenges of power to gas technologies and discuss the role of power to gas as an option for energy storage.

We expect participants from business and politics. Besides Members of the EU Parliament and the EU Commission, experts from energy companies, gas distribution operators, research institutions and nongovernmental organisations from all over Europe will be invited.

Language: English
Venue: Representation of the State of Lower Saxony to the European Union in Brussels:
61, Rue Montoyer
1000 Brussels

For further information please contact Johannes Berg , Head of TÜV NORD Brussels Office